CES 2018 – Voice Technology

It’s that time of year again, where the fortunate (I am not jealous, honest), manage to make their way to Vegas for the Annual CES conference.  Visitors get to view the latest technologies and innovations for both business and public consumers.  Last year saw 180,000+ visitors with over 4000 companies exhibiting with over 1200 guest speakers.  Being at the heart of CES, of course gives you, the ability to highlight innovation and to get such news into the well-known tech sites and blogs.

As a teacher with a keen eye on voice enabled tech, the competition between Amazon’s Echo and its rival Google Home, perhaps indicates that the Amazon offering is leading the way.  Amazons Echo has a plethora of smart home compatible products ranging from smart TV’s to smart toilets.  I suspect Apple’s offering is a little late to the voice control party, but there are no doubts that the Apple fashionistas will be blinded by the compatible with Apple music claim, which incidentally is Apple’s main selling point.  I shall be keeping my £350, but more importantly it will be interesting to see what limitations are placed on developers for the development of apps via Sirikit.

Ben Wood, chief of research at CCS Insight, said: “Google, Amazon, Microsoft and others are fighting not only to cement their voice technologies, but also to ensure their assistant platforms are deeply embedded across the full spectrum of consumer electronics to maintain and deepen consumer engagement.”


The implementation of voice tech in the classroom, is better suited to an outlay of less than £50 with Amazon’s echo, but one of the key drivers for the Echo/dot/alexa whatever you want to call it, is the ability to be able to create skills for your device without having to write a single line of code.  The impressive website storyline, allows for drag and drop development, you can read more about storyline by clicking here.

With focus back on  Alexa, over at the Amazon CES meeting space, Amazon’s Steve Rabuchin said that Alexa is now integrated into over 4,000 smart home devices and that there were over 30,000 downloadable skills which of course are free.  I would suspect that the Apple home pod and its apps will come with a small charge.  It will be interesting to see if the home pod has any impact on the voice recognition market.

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