Kanbanchi is an impressive electronic scrum tool which works in tandem with the Google suite of products.  For a more simplified scrum tool, you can opt for trello however, Kanbanchi offers much more functionality than the basic trello.  In other articles i discuss the benefits of scrum for your students and the use of a physical scrum board, traditionally scrum was a physical process where a stand up meeting occurs each and every workday and the team work through the stories on the board and update their status.  Naturally, within school, a physical board can be tampered with, however, the use of an electronic scrum board allows for lack of interference and also gives students the option to update the board with new stories at a time of their choosing. Furthermore, you can record much more information than can be recorded on a physical post-it note.

Kanbanchi, allows for many more functions than a physical board, such as reminders, the setting of urgency and can even link into your Google suite of products, such as the calendar, where you can be sent updates each day for stories that are due or for stories that have not been completed within the agreed time-frame.  You could even share the board with parents of your pupils if you felt that the parents would pro-actively monitor the board.  You would of course have to consider the sharing of such tools from a safeguarding perspective, but this can be easily achieved by simplistic naming of students who use the board.  Alternatively, time permitting you may want to keep an electronic copy of your physical board and given theresponsiblity of update the Kanbanchi board to your designated scrum master for the day.

A snapshot of a test Kanbanchi board.
A snapshot of a test Kanbanchi board.

Note: You will need to have a google account and for those with schools who do not make use of the G suite of products you may have to email Kanbanchi to validate your free educational licence.  There is a professional cost for pro users, but the basic version is feature rich and more than applicable for day to day school usage.  As always, if you have any enquiries then do not hesitate to contact me via our contact form.

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